You are currently viewing Enhypen Jake Age, Height, Early Life, Net Worth, Profile

Enhypen Jake Age, Height, Early Life, Net Worth, Profile

Sim Jae Yun commonly known for his stage name Jake is a South Korean pop artist signed under Belift/ Hybe as a member of Enhypen. He was announced as a member of Enhypen on 18 September after surviving the reality survival program I-land. Jake is a Korean Australian Aussie boy with numerous charms. He is the rapper, vocalist, and dancer of the group.

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Enhypen Jake Posing in a Pickup Van
Enhypen Jake Posing in a Pickup Van

Early Life

Jake is a Korean Australian who was born in Korea on 2002 November 15 but moved to Australia at the age of five for education with his family. He really loves physics, sports, playing violin, and his pet dog Leila. As a citizen of Australia, his school education was free but for his college study, he went to St Peter’s Lutheran College.

As a student he really loved sports, he really loves playing football and was also the striker of his school’s soccer team. Jake also loves playing the violin. He was a member of his school’s orchestra.


Belift recruited him through a global audition. Among 500 applicants for the audition, Jake was chosen as I-land participant. He sang love yourself by Justin Beiber on his audition for belift. To compete in the survival program with 22 other participants to make his position on Enhypen.

The singer was trained for only 9 months before he joined I-land. Jake debuted as a member of Enhypen on 30 November 2020 with their first mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE. He is positioned as a rapper, vocalist, and dancer of the group.

Jake posing with wine glasses
Jake posing with wine glasses

Jake has very cute and bright charms off stage which makes him a very easy person to fall in love with. Fans are probably very fond of his voice and his attractive Aussie accent. Jake did the narration part for their debut trailer videos and many other Enhypen videos that fans cannot talk enough about. His aura and fascinating charisma have been collecting fans here and there.

Enhypen Jake is a very lovable, cute, and kind person you could ever meet. He has been participating in different production activities of their Group’s music for a long time. Jake was also credited for their song ‘Interlude: Question’. Jake has been doing various performances and stages along with Enhypen since his debut. 

How Old is Jake from Enhypen?

Jake was born on 2002 November 15, he is 19 years old internationally until the 14 of November 2020, after that he will be 20 years but in Korea, his age is 21 until the end of December this year.

Since he was born in 2002, Jake is 20 years old as of 2022.

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Jake’s Net Worth

Jake, as the main rapper, vocalist, and dancer of the group, participates in different music production activities of the group. Narrating in English on their videos and creating ideas for their music videos he participates in the things that he can make effort on.

Though it’s not announced yet we can estimate his budget to be around $200k as he not only participates in music performances and stages but also is a global ambassador for Ami, Abib, and does many other promotional activities.

Enhypen Jake in a Fancy Suit
Enhypen Jake in a Fancy Suit

Enhypen Jake | Interesting Facts

  • He thinks his special charm is the corner of his lips
  • Jake has a pet dog, Leila
  • He and Sunghoon has same MBTI (ISTJ)
  • Jake, Sunghoon, and Jay were born  in 2002 and are known as 02z of the group
  • Jake mentioned that he would like to collaborate with Drake
  • He sang Justin Beiber’s  love yourself for his audition
  • His favorite subject is physics and math
  • Jake is very good at sports(almost everything)
  • His family is pretty wealthy
  • Jake is a very sweet and kind person

Jake’s profile

NameSim Jaeyun
Stage nameJake
Birthdate15 November 2002
Zodiac signScorpio
Height177 cm
Blood typeO
NationalityKorean/ Australian
Group nameEnhypen
Position in the groupMain rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist
Fandom nameENGENE
NicknamesJayla, Daeng
EducationDwight School Seoul, St Peters Lutheran Collage
Enhypen Jake Profile

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