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Jay Enhypen Age, Height, Early Life, Net Worth, Profile

Jay from Enhypen

Jong sung park, aka jay of the K-pop boy group Enhypen, is a 19-year-old K-pop artist under the record label Belift lab/ Hybe. He was first introduced to showbiz on June 26, 2020, through the survival program I-land. With a vote of 1,192,889 from his loyal fans all across the world, he was able to debut through the show.

There are many more facts you would like to know about Enhypen Jay. This multitalented boy has a lot to serve on your plate, so to get to know Jay more, keep scrolling.

Early Life

Jay is a Korean American born in California, Seattle, USA. He moved to Korea at the age of nine with his parents. He is the only child of his parents. As a child, Jay didn’t have any specific dream that he chased or that came hard for him. However, he had always wanted to create a cool presence for himself.

After watching the performances of different artists, he set the perception of coolness on this job (as an artist) to him, he could see the aura that he always wanted to have in the performances, and that’s how he wanted to become an artist.

He was previously trained in Big Hit for 2 years and 11 months before joining Belift lab. As a trainee, he learned to dance, sing, and also to rap. He entered the South Korean boy group survival program I-land, which was organized by Belift lab, jointly ventured by CJ E & M and Hybe Corporation. Jay was able to be part of the final lineup of the debut group ENHYPEN as a main rapper and dancer among the 23 participants.


Jay is mostly known for his amazing stage presence. During the survival program, he was well known for his charisma on stage and his powerful dance moves. Even after his debut, he still has those stunning stage presence, cool movements, and incredible facial expressions. Fans are so in love with the power and energy he gives while performing.

Despite being a fantastic rapper and dancer, his vocals are just another element that makes fans admire him even more. Not only this but Jay was also credited for the song “interlude; question” of their recent album release “DIMENSION: DILEMA.”

Jay is an amazing artist with plenty of talents. Still, there are many more things that he is known for, as well as making him popular among the fans. First is his love for fashion and clothes. Jay has a very great fashion sense and is also known as one of the best dressers in the group. His fashions and styles are so loved by his fans that he created a new segment/content titled JAY- FASHION on their YouTube channel featuring his bandmate Sunghoon.

Jay also uses the hashtag (#) tojaysfashion to share his daily looks and style with his fans.

How old is Jay from Enhypen?

The Korean pop star was born on April 20, 2002, in Seattle, Washington, united states. His international age is 19 years old until April 19 and will be 20 years after April 20, but in Korean, he is 21 years old until the end of December 2022.

Jay is 20 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth

The super talented pop star debuted as the main rapper, lead dancer, and also vocalist of the group Enhypen on November 30, 2020, with their first mini-album, BORDER: DAY ONE. Jay is also credited with one of their songs, ‘Interlude: Question.’ Besides music production and performances, he also works on different ads projects and brand promotional activities.

All the members of Enhypen, including Jay, are the global brand ambassador for Ami, a French fashion brand, and global models for Abib, a Korean skincare brand. Though it’s not official, Enhypen’s net worth is estimated to be around $240k, which we can say each member, along with jay have the same earning

Interesting Facts about Jay from Enhypen

  • chef of the group
  • Wants to open his own clothing
  • the funniest member of the group and is likely to be known for brightening the mood
  • Known as the eagle of Enhypen
  • A living encyclopedia (literally knows about everything)
  • Is the only son of the co-owner and president of Sinar Tours, James park
  • He can speak three languages Korean, Japanese, and English (currently learning French)
  • His name Jong Seong means collecting stars
  • He and Sunghoon is the only unit that survived I-land and debuted together
  • He has never been in a relationship

Jay Enhypen Profile

NameJay Jong Seong Park
Stage nameJay
BirthdateApril 20, 2002
Zodiac signAries/ Taurus
Height180 cm
Blood typeB
Foot size260 265 mm
NationalityKorean/ American
Group nameEnhypen
Position in the groupMain rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist
Fandom nameENGENE
Solo fandom/ pre-debut fandomBlue jays
NicknamesAngry bird (eagle)
EducationHanlim multi-arts school
Jay Enhypen Profile

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