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Kim Junkyu TREASURE Early Life, Age, Career


Kim Junkyu commonly known as Junkyu is a 21-year-old vocalist of the kpop group TREASURE signed under the YG Entertainment label. He is the fourth eldest among the band members. Junkyu’s sweet personality and kind behavior make it easy to fall in love with him.

If you’re a fan of kpop and watch kpop compilation videos you might already know Junkyu for his cute iconic viral video of him saying  ”ann yeong haseyo”

If you’re not familiar with these then no worries, we got you. For Junkyu, his journey to his debut wasn’t that plain sailing task. This young man has gone through lots of hard times to make his way to debut as a kpop idol. Let’s have a little peek at Junkyu’s showbiz life.

Kim Junkyu’s Journey to TREASURE

Kim Junkyu was a child model when he was little before becoming a YG trainee. He auditioned for YG entertainment in 2013. Junkyu trained for about 4.6 years and was first introduced on a MIXNINE in 2017, a survival show for both boys and girls as a YG trainee contestant. His journey to debut wasn’t very easy.  MIXNINE was a very rough time for the young boy. Later Junkyu was ranked 35th place on the 10th episode and was eliminated after. Junkyu later in 2018 took part in another survival program of YG entertainment, YG TREASURE BOX. Through lots of struggle, Junkyu managed to become the fourth member of the group TREASURE to debut through the show YG TREASURE BOX.

In 2019, YG Entertainment announced the formation of another group from the show named MAGNUM. TREASURE, which was an initial group formed by the show YG TREASURE BOX, was announced to promote together with MAGNUM as TREASURE 13 but caused major scandals to which the label responded by delaying the debut of the group.

In 2020, YG entertainment announced a notice of integrating the group MAGNUM and TREASURE into one group of 12 members known as TREASURE. After the following notice, the label started to publish and post different posts and content of the group. TREASURE officially debuted on 2020 7th of August with their single album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE. In the year 2020 itself, TREASURE released two more single albums after their debut album.

Other than the official content from the label, Junkyu himself also provides fans his vocal cover performances, short vocal covers, unreleased song demos, and more. Junkyu also composes songs on his own.

Early Life and Family Background

Kim Junkyu started as a child actor/ model for different famous Korean brands. He auditioned for YG entertainment in 2013 and for 4.6 years then participated in MIX NINE. He debuted after almost about 5 years of training through YG TREASURE BOX. His parents were very supportive of him for the career he chooses as an idol singer/ entertainer. Junkyu has an older brother, who was spotted in the show YG TREASURE BOX with his mother. Since his family information is not made public we should respect their privacy as a fan and any outsider.

Junkyu’s Birth Date, Age, and Education

Junkyu was born in 2000 9th of September, in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. He is 21 years old until the 8th of September 2022 and will turn 22 next year but in Korea, his age is 23 years until the end of December 2022. He moved to Seoul with his family when he was in elementary level. Junkyu went to Seocho High School for his high school studies.

More Facts about Junkyu

  • He was born on 2000-09-09
  • Park Jihoon, Yoshinori, Junkyu, and Ha Yoonbin(south Korean rapper) are born in the same year (2000)
  • He debuted after 5 years of being a trainee
  • He was a child commercial model
  • He describes himself as a handsome koala, Sleepyhead, and bright charm person
  • He is the fourth eldest member of the group and was the fourth member to be announced to the group
  • He participated in two survival programs (MIXNINE and YG TREASURE BOX)
  • After his participation in MIXNINE, he lost his confidence and got really demotivated
  • He loves eating chicken with ginger paste
  • He spends most of the time alone
  • Junkyu has a sibling which is his older brother
  • Junkyu has two cats named: Ruby and Aengdu (cherry)
  • Junkyu and Haruto are roommates
  • One thing that he is confident is his vocal
  • His performance on YG TREASURE BOX and his cover of the latch is very famous among his fans
  • Junkyu also release many unreleased songs demos for his fans

Hope we get to listen to his unreleased masterpiece someday. Until we come to hear his self-composed songs. Let’s appreciate and support the hard work that he is doing right now.

Some of his popular and loved performances are below, have a look!

(TREASURE JUNKYU ‘I LOVE YOU’ FanCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.09.20.


YG 보석함 – 김준규 (Kim Jun Kyu) | Better – Attom Feat. Justin Stein

TREASURE : JUNKYU – Latch (Disclosure x Sam Smith Cover.

Junkyu’s profile

NameKim Jun Kyu
Stage nameJunkyu
Birth dateSeptember 9, 2000
Debut dateAugust 7 2020
Zodiac signVirgo
Height178 cm
Blood typeO
Group nameTREASURE
Position in the groupVocalist
Fandom nameTreasure Maker (Teume)
NicknamesHandsome koala
EducationSeocho High School

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