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The Amazing Nmixx Members 2023: Label, Fandom, Age & Other Details

Nmixx members 2023

Nmixx is a popular South Korean girl group under JYPE labels. Nmixx debuted on February 22, 2022. There are six Nmixx members in the group.

Nmixx is one of the rising 4th gen k-pop stars right now. The girls are taking over the hearts of netizens with their outstanding vocals and powerful performances. They are a topic on every social media platform. Let’s learn more about Nmixx with us, let’s go!!

How Nmixx Was Formed?

The six-member group was formed by SQU4D, a sub-label of the JYP entertainment label. Lily, Haewon, Jiwoo, Sullyoon, and Kyujin are members of Nmixx. The group was initially a seven-member group when they made their debut. Jinni left the group and the recording label for personal reasons on December 9, 2022.

Nmixx Lily

Lily joined the label through an audition on a Korean singing show. She participated in kpop star season 5 and was scouted by JYP. Ever since Lily started training in JYP with other trainees. She was one of the top candidates to debut as a member of ITZY in 2019. But somehow was a holdback and finally made her debut as one of the Nmixx members.

Nmixx Haewon

Haewon was a trainee in JYP for almost 4 years before she made her debut with Nmixx. There’s not much information about Haewon’s pre-debut story or how she was scouted. However, we know that she loved performing on stage and she always participated in different school events and festivals.

Nmixx Sullyoon

Sullyoon was a Weellim trainee before she joined JYP. She was the top choice to debut as Rocket Punch but she declined the offer at that time and soon later left the company. After she left Weellim entertainment, she was scouted by many different labels. Sullyoon also auditioned for many big companies, and in the end, she went for JYP. She is one of the most popular nmixx members.

Nmixx Bae

Bae was scouted by a JYP scout team on her way to school. The scout team persuades her to give an audition to the company. Bae accepts the offer and gives it a try. After her audition, she joined JYP and started her training. Bae trained for about 4 years in JYP before debuting.

Nmixx Jiwoo

Jiwoo joined JYP in 2018. She trained for four years in JYP along with other trainees before being part of Nmixx members. There is not much information on Jiwoo before she joined the label. Except for the fact she was part of the dance academy called “the street dance”.

Nmixx Kyujin

Kyujin, the youngest of the Nmixx members, was scouted through a private audition. We can say, probably the JYP agent asked her to audition and she got in. It is not easy to get scouted through a private audition unless you are talented and have that potential. 

Nmixx Members Fandom

Nmixx announced their fandom name after the week of their debut on March 1, 2022. The fans of Nmixx are officially known as “NSWER” which stands for “North, South, West, East, and Route”. Meaning, they will find the way in every direction in their career with their fans.

The leader of the group, Haewon once said, “It means answer. They are the answer for the journey we are about to take up. Even when we lose our direction, we will be able to find our way again by being together with our fans.”

Nmixx Members Age

The oldest member in Nmixx is 20 years old, you believe that? Yes, and the youngest is only 16 years old. Let’s take a look into Nmixx member’s ages real quick.

Members (oldest to youngest)Date of Birth (age)
LilyOctober 17, 2002 (20)
HaewonFebruary 25, 2003  (19)
SullyoonJanuary 26, 2004 (18)
BaeDecember 28, 2004 (18)
JiwooApril 13, 2005 (17)
KyujinMay 26, 2006 (16)

Nmixx Members Debut Song, Albums and Discography

Nmixx released their debut single album on February 22, 2022, containing their lead single “O.O”, a B-side “Tank” and instrumentals for the songs. However, Nmixx did not perform on their debut stage on the same day. Their debut showcase which was originally scheduled for 22nd February was postponed to 1st of March as member Bae was tested positive for Covid-19.

Although it hasn’t been long since Nmixx made their debut, they are still active in creating new music and performing.

Here’s a list of all Nmixx discography;

Single Album   

Album Release DateTrack list Length 
Ad MareFebruary 22, 2022Tank 
Tank (instrumental)
O.O (instrumental)
EntwurfSeptember 19, 2022Dice
Cool (your rainbow)
Dice (instrumental)
Cool (your rainbow) (instrumental) 

Singles and OST of Nmixx Members

TitleRelease DateAlbum
O.OFebruary 22, 2022,Ad Mare
DiceSeptember 19, 2022,Entwurf
Funky Glitter ChristmasNovember 23, 2022Non-album single
Hey GabbyMay 2, 2022Gabby’s Dollhouse OST x Nmixx

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