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Treasure Yoshi Wiki, Nationality, Age, Height, and More.

Yoshi is a 21 years old Japanese kpop artist. He is a member of the group Treasure signed under the YG Entertainment label. Although he was born in japan he specified himself as a Korean (Japanese-Korean) in an interview. Furthermore, Yoshi is the third eldest of the group and is in charge as the lead rapper. His love for kpop music made him audition for the label YG japan when he was in 9th grade.

There’s a lot you guys would like to know about Yoshi so please stay with us while we give information on Yoshi from Treasure.

Yoshi from Treasure

Yoshi’s Profile

Birth nameKanemoto Yoshinori
Korean  nameKim Bangjeon
Stage nameYoshi
Birthday and BirthYearMay 15, 2000
Debuted OnAugust 7, 2020
Zodiac signTaurus
Blood typeA
NationalityKorean- Japanese
Group nameTREASURE
Position in the groupRapper
Fandom nameTreasure Maker (Teume)
NicknamesDark horse, Sundongi, prince Yoshi, Kim Yoshi  
EducationKorea international school
Yoshi from Treasure Wiki Profile

Yoshi’s Journey to Debut as an Idol (YG TREASURE BOX-> MAGNUM-> TREASURE)

Yoshi was first introduced in YG entertainment’s survival show TREASURE BOX back in 2018. He was not in the first lineup of the group TREASURE at the end of the show. However, later in 2019 YG entertainment announced the formation of a new group called MAGNUM from the other participants of the show other than the first member’s to be announced for the group TREASURE.

Yoshi was first announced as a member of unit MAGNUM. The entertainment label announced to promote both group TREASURE and MAGNUM as TREASURE 13. However, due to outrageous scandals and critics, YG postponed the debut of the group.

Moreover, later in 2020 YG entertainment updated notice regarding the formation of 12 member boy group from the both group TREASURE and MAGNUM as TREASURE. Following the announcement, the label started to publish different content of the group. Because of their talents and hard work, TREASURE was able to attract many fans in no time.

TREASURE made their debut with THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE.  It was released on 2020 7th of August. Similarly, TREASURE released two more single albums on 2020 after their debut album. On Jan 11 2021, the band’s 1st studio album “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT” was introduced. On March 31st 2021 the group also released the Japanese version.

Yoshi’s Role in Treasure

Yoshi is someone who genuinely loves making music and spends most of his time composing and writing lyrics. As being part of the rapper line in the group, Yoshi almost always ends up writing his own lyrics for his rap part along other rappers of the group.

The artist has been participating in writing lyrics for treasure’s B-side tracks. Yoshi was also in part of writing the group’s Japanese single “beautiful” which was an ending theme for the anime BLACK CLOVER.

Treasure Yoshi’s Age and Birthdate

Yoshi was born on the 15th of May 2000. This makes him currently 22 years old but in Korea, he is considered 23 year old until the end of December 2022. He was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture Japan.

Early Life and Family Background of Treasure Yoshi

Yoshi is the youngest son in the family with his other three older sisters. He has a mother and three older sisters and a dog carol. His father passed away when he was about 9 years old. Yoshi learned taekwondo when he was little. He also entered taekwondo competitions with his Korean name Kim Bangjeon and was able to win third place.

When Yoshi was in Korea, he went to Korea international school for his middle school studies. Later he also passed the high school proficiency exam after the survival show TREASURE BOX.

What is Yoshi’s Actual Nationality?

Many fans must be confused for this specific matter as Yoshi first introduced himself as Japanese in YG TREASURE BOX but he actually belong to a 4th generation Korean Japanese family which makes him Korean, Which technically mean that his great grandparents came to japan 4 generations ago for the reasons they had back in their days.

But now Yoshi himself confirmed that his nationality is Korean with his legal Korean name Kim Bangjeon.

Net Worth of TREASURE Yoshi   

Although Yoshi as YG artist his income salary and how it works is not made public yet. As an idol, songwriter and composer, Yoshi’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million.  In his recent vlive he mentioned that while having family dinner he paid for the bills for food, which made his mother very proud of him. We can now say that Yoshi is now financial ready to look after himself and his family.

Yoshi Height

When it comes to height fans are very keen about it, especially for Kanemoto Yoshinori who is known as prince Yoshi among his fans. According to information floating in the internet, Yoshinori is about 179 cm tall which is about 5’10”.

More Facts about Yoshi

  • Yoshi auditioned for YG when he was in middle school
  • He is a rapper of the group TREASURE
  • He describes himself as a fashion beer leader
  • He has very beautiful dark eyebrows
  • His English name is Jaden while his Korean name is Bangjeon
  • His favorite season is summer
  • Yoshi is commonly known as a prince among his fans
  • He is known to be soft and gentle to his members, fans, and to other people around him
  • He is very handsome and kind
  • Yoshi will be the cutest person you’ll see in your life
  • He loves skateboarding and playing guitar
  • Yoshi is the youngest in his family
  • He has three older sister
  • He has one pet dog named carol
  • When he was a child he participated in taekwondo competitions with his Korean name and also won third place
  • He has many writing credits on TREASURE’s song

Yoshi is a very hardworking person and he is trying his best to be an amazing artist. So, please do support him for his future work as an artist and give him lots of love for the person he is.

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