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Most Popular Female Kpop Idols in 2023

Do you want to know who are the most popular female kpop idols?

Kpop has been shaking up the entire music industry in the whole globe. Kpop groups, kpop boy band, soloist, k-hip hop artist have been a hot topic in these few years recently. The way K-culture has made its own place in people’s heart is not a surprising thing. And talking about kpop we can’t leave those fabulous and outstanding talents that have made huge influences in developing the Korean pop culture. Though there are lots of groups and artist who have contributed a lot in k-culture, let’s talk about some of our talented and real strong female kpop idols who became idol to ‘look up to’ for the generation that comes.

Here’s the list of the most popular female kpop idols of 2022 so far. (Alphabetical order)

AleXa (Soloist)

AleXa is American singer songwriter and performer biased in South Korea. Her birth name is Alexandra Christine Schneiderman. She is half Korean and half Russian. AleXa became the winner of 2022’s American Song Contest representing Oklahoma with the song ‘wonderland’. Since the release of the TV program, AleXa became one of the hot topics in kpop. Her participation in American Song Contest brought lot of popularity and new fans to her.

Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Huening Bahiyyih or commonly known as Bahiyyih of Kep1er (Kepler) is American kpop singer. She participated in a survival show Girls Planet 999 and ranked 2nd becoming the debut member of the group. She has gained massive popularity ever since her introduction video was released in YouTube back in 2021. Bahiyyih was one of the most discussed and talked about trainee during the show. She made her debut on January 3, 2022. Thanks to her talent, she is becoming more and more popular among k-netizens as well as global fans.

Chuu (Loona)

Kim Ji-woo popularly known as Chuu is a member of girl group Loona. She is one of the main vocal of the group. Chuu has maintained her popularity in South Korean entertainment industry for very quiet long time. She often appears in different variety shows. Her latest appearance in variety show was steel troops in 2021 as a main host. She also appeared in other variety show like running girls, Chuu can do it and Hauteur from 2020-2021 as a main cast. Her different contents are always trending in South Korea. The general people of Korea as well as many international fans loves and cares Chuu very much.

Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Ahn Hye-jin or known by her stage name Hwasa from mamamoo is another most popular Korean female idol in 2022. Her recent solo activities are even getting more recognition and gaining more new fans. She became one of the most hot and popular idol in 2021 with her solo album release María. Hwasa released her second solo album/ single album Guilty pleasure on November 24, 2021. This album release helped her to gain massive growth and fan following since her release of María. Hwasa is also the second female soloist to have 2.5 million spotify followers. Her recent activities like concert performances, brand advertisements and other different magazines cover are giving her exposures to new audiences. She is all booked and busy for 2022 we guess.

IU (Soloist)

Next on our list is Lee Ji-eun or professionally known as IU is soloist in South Korea and one of the most respected and loved idol. She has been working in the industry for more than decade. She made her debut in 2008 and still active till the date. In her career, IU has released two studios albums, five compilation albums, ten EPs, forty seven singles and five single albums. She is not only the singer or songwriter but also a professional actress. IU has played many k-dramas and movies that gained huge popularity and success. Her recent project on movie was broker a film by Hirokazu kore-eda. This movie brought lot of international exposures to IU and the whole team. The movie was huge success and was also recognized by the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and won the Ecumenical jury award for the best film.

Jisoo (Blackpink)

Kim Ji-soo or professionally known as Jisoo from blackpink, do we not known this name? Jisoo has become one of the most popular female idol in 2022 as well. Her latest work on the 2021 TV drama snowdrop brought lot of attention and crowd towards her. Although she was already known in the music industry as a main vocalist of the group blackpink, her appearance in the drama as lead actress brought numerous opportunities in different aspects of entertainment industry.

Jisoo also is the global brand ambassador of Dior, a French luxury fashion and beauty brand. She has attended different Dior fashion show and also appeared in Dior’s contents. Jisoo became star for Dazed Korea Magazine January 2022 issue. She was also the cover star for Vogue Korea April whole magazine book, cover of Harper’s BAZAAR May 2022 issue and many more. Jisoo has always been one of the hot topics whenever the photo shoots and magazine cover releases. Though the fans are waiting for the group’s musical comeback, they aren’t complaining the solo contents they are receiving from the members.

Lisa (Blackpink)

Lalisa or Lisa from blackpink, one of the most heard names in kpop during 2021 and 2022. Her solo debut on 2021 gained massive hit in Korean music charts as well as in US and global charts. Her single album Lalisa which was released in September 10, 2021 debuted at number one on Gaon Album chart with 735,221 copies sold in the first week, becoming the highest first-week sales and best-selling album for female idols. “Lalisa” which was the lead single for the album debuted on number two on the billboard global 200 chart and 84 on US billboard hot 100 chart. The B-side track of the album money also became a huge hit in tiktok and it’s still trending. “Lalisa” was the massive hit a female kpop idol ever received in the history.

Beside her album releases and music activity, Lisa is a very active idol feeding her fans with lots of contents. Talking about brand endorsements, Lisa is working ambassador for most popular French brand Celine. This gave her pretty good exposures to new audience too. Not only Celine but Lisa also deals with brand like AIS Thailand, Adidas, and MAC cosmetics as well.

Soyeon {(G)I-dle}

Jeon So-yeon professionally known as Soyeon is South Korean rapper, singer/ songwriter, record producer and leader of the girl group (G)I-dle. She is one of the most talented female music producers in the entire kpop industry. Her musical talent, hard work, reliable and extremely talented members are the main reasons for the success (G)I-dle has achieved. Soyeon has always become one of the popular names in South Korea, in both bad and good ways.

Being the female producer and leading the team towards success has never been easy for her, but her song releases only knows success. She is the main lyricist of every (G)I-dle song. Soyeon is credited on music composing and arrangement on most of the songs. Her strong ambience and personality is what makes more powerful and admirable. Her solo release in 2021 also got lot of appreciation from the fans as well as inside the kpop industry too.

Winter (Aespa)

Aespa’s Winter is another female idol to maintain her popularity in 2022. Ever since her debut with other member of Aespa, the group popularity have been reaching new milestone every single day. Winter’s vocal skills and fascinating visuals have gather tons of fans and attention on media. Winter has always become a topic of discussion inside the bubble of kpop. She is also one of the most searched idols on Google. Her each and every activity is watched and is being followed by the general people. Winter’s unique vocals have become her key weapon to turn the attention and eye of people towards her.

Wonyoung (Ive)

Ive’s Wonyoung is another most popular female idol in 2022. She was the former member of the disbanded group Iz*One. After her contract ended with mnet as a member of Iz*One on April 2021, she again debuted one group Ive as vocalists and main visual on December 1st, 2021. Their debut became huge hit in Korea as well as in whole worldwide. She was announced as the new mc of music bank along with Enhypen Sunghoon on September 27, 2021. Her first broadcast of the show was on 8th of October. Ive’s appearance in the TV reality show “the manager” gained lot of attention towards her and the group.

Also the engagement she gets from the social media post is very high. Wonyoung is a lady who is very confident in herself and believes that she doesn’t have to fear unless it’s her own fault. She is well known of the people who try to drag her down and is not afraid of them, which is why she gets even more critics than any other members. Everything she does becomes the topic of discussion in South Korea.

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