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Bang Yedam Career Details, Net worth, Family Background and More

Bang Yedam is a South Korean singer/songwriter and member of popular boy group TREASURE signed under the YG entertainment label. He debuted through the YGE’s survival program YG TREASURE BOX. He is positioned as one the main vocal and also producer/composer of the group. Yedam is considered as ace and music genius of TREASURE. He is one of the main composer and songwriter of the major hit song of 2022, DARARI.

YG TREASURE BOX was not the only program Yedam participated before making his debut. Yedam has been on the cameras and for long time. So please stay with our article to know more about musical genius Bang Yedam.

Did Bang Yedam and Mashiho Leave Treasure?

You might have heard that Bang Yedam and Mashiho leave Treasure in 2022. Well turns out, the rumours are true. Yedam and Mashiho did leave the popular kpop boy band Treasure in 2022.

Early Life and Family Background

Yedam was very interested in music even when he was little child. Yedam grew up in musical environment. His father is also a singer and songwriter, which automatically grew love and interest for music in him. In his family every member is somehow connected to part of music. Yedam used to spend his free time with his parents either singing with them or just playing along the instruments.

Kpop star 2 (2012)

Yedam participated in a survival show k-pop star season 2 as a contestant. This show was aired from November 2012 to April 2013. At the age of around 10, Yedam was able to capture the viewers and judges heart by his amazing singing and rapping skills. Yedam was ranked second at the end of the show. He was signed to YG entertainment right after.

Yedam on Stray kids (2017)

Before debuting with TREASURE Yedam appeared in mnet’s 2017 survival program stray kids. He appeared as YG entertainment’s trainee in the show to compete against JYP entertainment’s trainee for one episode. Yedam covered “there’s nothing holding me back” by Shawn Mendes in the episode and made a huge hit in South Korea. His cover trended in Korea for weeks and brought the original song in top of South Korea’s music chart. Even Shawn Mendes saw his cover and praised him for his amazing talent.

YG TREASURE BOX (2018-2019)                

After about five years of being trainee, Bang Yedam was introduced in YG entertainment’s new survival show YG TREASURE BOX, where 29 trainees from YG compete to make their place in final 7 members to make debut. He was one of the longest running trainees in the show, along with Kim Junkyu and Kim Doyoung. He was considered as trainee with the real talent and was popular among the trainees and the trainers. Yedam showcased his amazing vocal skills and outstanding performances throughout the show. He sang his own self-written song in the monthly evaluation assessment even before YG TREASURE BOX was aired. Not only the trainers and judges but the whole South Korea and the people watching the show were very fond of him.

Yedam was announced as the second member to debut on TREASURE from vocal team. After about 5 years of being a trainee he was finally able to make debut. YGE announced the only first 4 members on 18th January 2019, stating to reveal remaining 3 members in coming weeks. Park Jeongwoo, Yoon Jaehyuk, Choi Hyunsuk were announced as remaining 5th 6th and 7th member of TREASURE on January 21, 23 and 25 respectively.

Later in 2019, YG entertainment announced the formation of new group called MAGNUM from the other 6 participants of the show other than the first 7 members to be announced for the group TREASURE. The entertainment label announced to debut the both group TREASURE and MAGNUM as TREASURE 13 before they promote separately in two groups, but due to outrageous scandals surfacing the internet, YG postponed the debut of the group.

Yedam’s Pre-debut Solo Single (2020)

2020 January 6th, YG entertainment released a new notice on their official website regarding the formation of 12 member boy group from the both group TREASURE and MAGNUM who would debut as one group TREASURE, after one of the member who was supposed to debut on TREASURE 13 cancelled his contract on 31st December 2019.

After the notice, the entertainment label started to post different contents of the group on their official sites. On 30th January, the group released the performance video for their pre-debut track “Going Crazy”. On 21st of May, YG announced to release a pre-debut solo single song of Bang Yedam before the actual debut of the group. The entertainment label explained that they have been preparing Yedam’s solo song even before the formation of TREASURE and thought it’ll be a great gift for fans as well to release the song prior to TREASURE’s debut.

The first promotional teaser photo was released on 27th of May. “WAYO” was also revealed as the title of the song on 28th May along with the second promotional photo. Later on 5th of June, WAYO music video was released on TREASURE’s official YouTube channel and other different streaming and downloading platform.

Debut with TREASURE, Albums Releases and Chartbuster Darari  

Yedam official debuted on august 7, 2020 as member of TREASURE with their single album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE.  TREASURE released two more single albums on 2020 alone after their debut album, THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER TWO and THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER THREE on 18th of September and 6th of November respectively. On 2021 January 11, TREASURE released their first full studio album “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT”. TREASURE also released Japanese digital single “Beautiful” on 14 February. This song was previously released on January 22 as the ending theme song for anime black clover. On March 31st 2021 the group also released the Japanese version of their first full album.

The group released another mini album THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE on 15 February 2022. It consists of 6 new track; JikJin, U, Darari, It’s Okay, BFF| Best Friend Forever, Gonna Be Fine. Their title track JikJin and B-side track Darari went viral on tiktok and was able to bring many new fans in the fandom. Darari, the very first ever song of Bang Yedam that he composed and wrote was included in their album. It became one of the major hit of TREASURE’s entire career. After being viral on tiktok the group gained immense amount of popularity worldwide.

Darari was able to land at #20 on Billboard’s ‘Hot Trending Songs’ weekly chart for the week of march 19. Also the track spent 20 consecutive days on Shazam’s “k-pop global” chart at #1 since its release. Darari also sets record for longest-running song by fourth-generation boy group on Spotify’s ‘Global Top 100’ daily chart.

Yedam’s Birthdate and Age

Bang Yedam was born on 7th of May, 2002 South Korea. That makes him currently 20 years old internationally and 21 years old Korea as per Korean age system.

TREASURE Yedam Net Worth

Yedam being an YG artist we actually never know the actual net worth of the artist. The recording label never reveal or make their artist’s net income and earnings public but according to different analyzers and media sources, the main vocalist of the group TREASURE can have the net worth around $1.9 million. The 20 year old kpop singer/songwriter now holds the writing and composing credits for two songs; TREASURE’s ‘Darari’ and Kang Seungyoon’s ‘Born to Love You’.

Bang Yedam Quick Profile Table

Birth nameBang Ye Dam
Stage nameBang Yedam
Birth dateMay 7 2002
Debut dateJune 5, 2020 (solo single)
August 7, 2020 (TREASURE debut)
Zodiac signTaurus
Blood typeA
Group nameTREASURE
Position in the groupMain vocalist
Fandom nameTreasure Maker (Teume)
NicknamesDamie, Psyduck, Yedamie
EducationSOPA, Kwangsung High  School, Seoul Sinseok Elememtary school


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