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How to Be a Kpop Idol in 2023? And What Should You Know?

How to be a kpop idol? The road you take to be an idol is not very easy. It takes lots and lots of hardships, struggles, patience and talent. Most of the time, you have to go through a long journey to actually debut as an idol. Sometimes it may take you only a year or month and sometimes it may take almost a decade.

Let’s take a look at how you can make your career in the kpop industry.

Get Training at Idol Academy or Dance Academy

This is one of the main and most simple yet effective methods to start your journey as an idol. Most of the young boys and girls start to join the academy at an early age. They learn dancing and singing in the academy. Some of the academies also teach acting in addition. Kpop academy provides the young ones to perform on a literal stage from time to time in front of real people. They give you the public exposers and the lucky one gets into the agency or the company through casting.

If you want to know how to be a kpop idol. Then, learning to dance and sing would be your first priority.

Audition for Different Label

How to be a kpop idol in 2023

There are lots and lots of kpop agencies. Lot of them holds audition time to time or annually. You can apply for those auditions that a company opens. The entertainment labels can hold offline audition or online. Raps, dance, singing are the main thing a company asks the individual to perform. You can submit your talent to them and wait for the results. If you once got in, then they will give you more additional training you need to debut as an idol.

Join University/school While Choosing Kpop as a Major

There are lots of schools and university or school that teaches you how to be a kpop idol. Rather than giving you the extra loads of studies, they teach you everything you need to know to be a kpop idol.  Dancing, singing, stage performances, and music production are some of the courses you can learn in the university/school. The university/school you choose can play an important role to get you into a company. Many kpop companies’ casting team usually focuses on students majoring in entertainment.

Stage or Gigs Performances

The casting crews of different labels are everywhere, literally everywhere. When we say stages and gig performances, you actually don’t have to perform one. Yes, we have heard plenty of idols’ casting stories on how they were cast on the streets and watching other artists perform. So if you are lucky enough to shine in the casting team’s eye then you’re into the company. Other than that you can actually show your talent and let your hard work shine in public places where there are lots of people.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to be a kpop idol as a foreigner?
There is no restriction of nationality when it comes to becoming a kpop idol. One great example is Lalisa Manoban from Blackpink, also known as “Lisa.” She is from Thailand but is still one of the most popular kpop idols. You just have to be talented enough to become a kpop idol nonchalant to your nationality.

Can I be a kpop idol quiz?
No matter who you are, you can have a shot at becoming a kpop idol.

How to be a kpop idol trainee?
Becoming a kpop idol trainee requires outstanding talent on your part. This article has already answered this question on the top.

Who are the most popular non korean kpop idols?

  • Mashiro (Kep1er)
  • Xiaoting (Kep1er)
  • Lalisa (Blackpink)
  • Mikey (Blank2Y)
  • Felix (Straykid)

Can I become a kpop idol without my parents permission?
No, you cannot become a kpop idol without your parent’s permission. As a matter of fact, it is logical to consult with your parents in every career choice you make.


Remember that the journey you are about to start to be an idol is very intense. It requires lots of talent, hard work and a lot of sacrifices. One has to go through an immense amount of training and still cannot make it. The debuted idols are trained for almost a year and more.

Some of the idols are trained for more than 5-6 years. Lots of criticism, separation from friends and family, and dropping out of the study are the few things you have to go through to be an idol. After all the hardships and struggles, if you get picked to good company then you may debut as a solo artist or get into a big group. Once you debut you will lots of love and support from people and initially will be worth your entire struggle.

Whichever road you take in future, we hope you do it with your sincere heart and get the success you deserve.

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