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Lee Ji Han Death – 2022/10/29 The Tragedy of Kpop

Lee Ji Han was a talented Korean entertainer, who tragically passed away at a young age. Lee Ji Han death has shaken the Kpop industry and left many fans devastated. In this article, we will take a closer look at who the artist was, his career, and the circumstances surrounding Lee Ji Han death.

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Who is Lee Ji Han?

The star was a South Korean singer, dancer, actor, and model. He was best known for his smooth vocals and captivating stage presence, which made him a popular figure in the Kpop world. After his acting debut, he rose to prominence in 2019 and quickly became a household name in South Korea.

Lee Ji Han Death Details

 On Saturday night 29 October 2022, a vast crowd crash occurred in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, taking away the life of 159 people. Unfortunately, the celebrity was one of those victims who couldn’t get out of the crowd crash. 

Before the mass crowd crash appeared, Ji Han was seen enjoying the Halloween festival with his friends. Many fans of his were taking pictures and videos with him too. Just after seeing him happy with his friends celebrating the festival, Lee Ji Han death was unconvincing to the fans online.

Before anyone could tell the crowd slowly got out of control and the small alley filled with people started rushing. The police department was not able to control the crowd effectively. This is one of the deadliest tragedies ever recorded in the history of the country. The accident took the life of 159 people and left horrible mental health to the survivors too.

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Lee Ji Han TV Shows

The star was mostly known for his appearance in the 2017 survival program “Produce 101” season. Sadly, he couldn’t make it to the final of the show and got eliminated on the fifth episode. Later in 2019, he made his debut as an actor on his web drama “Today was another Nam Hyun day’’.

 TV Shows that Lee participated

  • Produce 101 – reality survival program (2017)

Lee Ji Han Movies

The late actor actually never got the chance to be in a movie. We know he has worked in a web series, however, the tragedy of Itaewon on Halloween festival 2022 changed everything. It took the life of the young star at the age of 24 and all the possibilities he could have received. 

Lee Ji Han Band Details

The deceased was never in any band. He is a Korean actor/model. He also sings a little bit but he never joined any group or band. Ji Han is a solo artist who was signed under WIDMAY entertainment.

Lee Ji Han Instagram

Ji Han’s personal Instagram handle is ji_han_0803. On his remembering, Instagram hasn’t removed his account. He used to handle his social media himself. After his death,  his mom has taken the account into her hands.  

Lee JI Han Dramas

After the show “produce 101”, Ji Han officially made his debut as an actor on the web series called “Today was another Nam Hyun day’’. Kokdu: Season of Deity, an MBC TV drama was Ji Han’s last project before his death. The filming of the drama was temporarily postponed after Lee Ji Han death. He was hired for the drama for minor roles and now is replaced by Squid Game’s Lee Jung Joon. 

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Lee Ji Han Wikipedia Details

Birth nameLee Ji Han
Birth dateAugust 3, 1998
DeathOctober 29, 2022
Death placeItaewon, Seoul, South Korea
Height181 cm
Weight65 kg
Blood typeA

Was Lee Ji Han BTS member?

The answer to this question will be, no. The star was never a BTS member. In fact, he was never in any group. He is a popular south Korean actor and singer on his own. However, some news outlets are trying to manipulate the viewers and readers, for attention by saying so. Let’s not alter the decedent artist’s activities or career just for clout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Lee Ji Han Die?

The main cause of Lee Ji Han death is a crowd surge that happened in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea on 29 October 2022.

What Kpop Band was Lee Ji Han in?

Li Ji Han was never in a kpop band. Although he participated in a survival program to debut in a group, he couldn’t make it till the end. He is a popular singer, actor, and model in Korea. 

How old was Lee Ji Han when he died?

Ji Han was only 24 years old when he died in the deadly crowd crash. 

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