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Does Jungkook Have a Sleeve Tattoo? 2022

Oh yes! Finally we got new updates on Jungkook from BTS’ sleeve tattoo. After Jungkook’s new tattoo artist posted bunch of his new tattoo ARMYs can’t stop talking about it.

Jungkook and His Love for Tattoos

Now that we are talking about Jungkook’s tattoo, let’s go back to where it all began. In 2019, we saw Jungkook’s ARMY tattoo and his other finger tattoo for the first time ever. That time BTS were back from their one month vacation, we got see JK’s knuckle and finger tattoo. All the ARMYs were panicking and confused at the same time wondering if the pictures they saw were real or not. But now we finally can see his tattoo in HD from the official personals.

Is It True That Jungkook Has Sleeve tattoo?

June 2022 and we finally got his see his sleeve tattoos. Yes! Jungkook has finally revealed the enhancement of his sleeve tattoo by adding color his tattoo, changing few of them and also getting new ones.

Ever since we saw Jungkook’s ARMY tattoo, fans have always been curious whether if there’s more arts printed on his body. As we know Jungkook willingly or because of South Korea’s broadcasting rules, he never showed his body art before. Fans always collected little pieces together trying to figure out if Jungkook has a sleeve tattoo by any chance.

After seeing his tattoos one by one, the fans realized that Jungkook as a whole arm sleeve tattoo. During different stages, variety programs and their music videos Jungkook slowly started to reveal his arm tattoo. ARMYs slowly got see Jungkook’s body art one by one through different media. As they got to look at those arts one by one, they realized it was eventually covering up his entire arm.

ARMYs really went from watching him cover his tattoo wearing full sleeve to seeing them in HD. Recently his new tattoo artist @polyc_sj who is known for bold coloring on his artwork revealed his work on Jungkook’s tattoo that we never imagined to see it. In his post we see how Jungkook covered up some of his old tattoos and got new ones over them. We also saw he added some colors too which gave his tattoo more life. One of the most talked about art piece is his birth flower that shines even more beautifully after adding the colors. And of course we can’t leave his cute BTS friend ship tattoo behind his ear. Jungkook got his famous ‘7’ BTS friendship tattoo that surfaced the internet recently.

BTS ‘7’ friendship tattoo

Outro <3

It was a very over whelming feeling for the ARMYs to watch Jungkook do the things he always wanted to. As Jungkook was very fond of getting a tattoo ever since their debut days, seeing him confidently adding different arts to his body was very beautiful feeling. It is very glad feeling that he is now comfortable enough to share his tattoos to his fans and to public confidently.

Please give lots of love to Jungkook and his body art. Also do support and respect Jungkook and his decision he takes in his life. Thank you for reading our article.

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