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New Jeans Hyein Profile, Early life, Career, Net Worth.


Grace Lee a.k.a Lee Hyein is a Korean singer of a newly formed girl k-Pop group ‘New Jeans’ under the label ADOR, a subsidiary of Hybe corporation. She is the youngest member of the group. Hyein is also the former member of kid girl group U.SSO.


The maknae of the group was born in Incheon, south Korea. She attended wannabe acadamy. she is currently attending KICS(Korean International Christian School). The maknae of the group has an older brother and an older sister. From the very small age she was intrested in kpop and loves singing and dancing. Hyein at the age of 8,started her modelling. She also debuted in kid group U.SSO as a stage name U.jeong.


Hyein started her career at the age of 8 as a child model. she was also appeared in Lemon Tree Magazine and Style Magazine Mallow.


Hyein debuted in a kid group USSO with her stage name U.jeong. The group made its debut on november 7,2017 with their lead single song”Go Go Sing”. After a year of her group debut, she left the group in 2018.


After she left the group Hyein was revealed as the member of the Pocket Tv youtube. She appeared in the show called ‘Boni Hani’ which was run by the pocket tv youtube. She was also the member of the co-ed kid group ‘Play With Me Club’ as a dancer and the vocalist. The group made its debut on december 16,2020 with their single “let’s play”. Hyein also did a web drama “The girl’s double life”. She was casted as a main lead as Lee Gyeoul. The drama has total episodes of 8 which was aired in Pocket Tv youtube channel. The drama aired from february 18, 2021 to april 8, 2021.


Hyein made her debut as an idol at the age of 14 with New Jeans on august 1st 2022 with the group’s single “Attention”. The group released their first single album “OMG” with a song ‘Ditto’. New Jeans got a huge popularity within a short period. Among the 5 members the one that got quickly noticed is the maknae Hyein.


New Jeans Hyein has been the talk of the town ever since she has been appointed as the new brand ambassador of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton. She is the youngest brand ambassador of this luxury brand. Because of her constant activness since her childhood Hyein has established herself and have a good sort of net worth. Although her label has not revealed the income of their artist but according to some k-media the youngest of the group may have 1.5 million USD.


Birth NameLee Hye-In
Stage NameHyein
English NameGrace Lee
DOBApr 21, 2008
Height170 cm
Blood TypeO

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  • Youngest member of the group.
  • Despite being youngest she has the most idol experiences.
  • Fan of BTS and TXT.
  • Brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton.
  • Hyein has an older brother and sister.
  • Her hobbies are taking picture of sky and members.
  • She was the face of Lemon Tree Magazine and Style Magazine Mallow.
  • Her favourite color is purple.
  • Her Grandma ccoked food is what she loves the most.
  • She likes strawberries the most and rice soup.
  • #Maximalist and #fullofcuriosity describes her.
  • Hyein shoe size is 235mm’
  • She wants to ride bike wuth her members to Hangang River.
  • Hyein is also friend with class:y’s Riwon.

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